What Will I Look Like When I’m Older?

Want to know how beautiful you’ll be when you’re 18 or older? You know you do! Just take this 10-question quiz and find out your result right now!

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    How often do you worry about your weight?

    • All the time! I always have to be slim!
    • Every once in a while
    • Every time I weigh a couple pounds more than I want to and have a bigger gut
    • I don’t care as long as it’s only a small bulge here and there
    • Never! I don’t care if I’m as fat as a baby elephant! Weight isn’t everything
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    How often do you leave the house without wearing makeup?

    • Never! I always have to look my best!
    • Pretty often
    • Ever once in a while
    • On special occasions
    • Never! Makeup sucks!
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    How’s your hygiene?

    • I brush my teeth twice a day and take a daily morning shower – like I should!
    • I brush my teeth once a day and take showers when I feel like it
    • I’m clean enough
    • When I look and smell like a pig
    • I’m not all that concerned about my hygiene
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    How much of a fashionista are you?

    • I always wear designer clothes and jewelry
    • I dress up often
    • I dress up every once in a while
    • I dress up on special occasions
    • Never! Looks aren’t everything!
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    How neat are you?

    • I NEVER let my stuff get disorganized!
    • I let things get a little messy once in a while
    • When it gets messy, I let it stay that way for a couple days
    • I’m often sloppy
    • I live in a pigsty – always have!
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    How often do you go out?

    • I’ll often go to a nice restaurant
    • Every couple of weeks
    • Occasionally, when something special happens, or for dates
    • I never go out! I’d rather stay home and watch TV
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    What occupation do you want to have? (I know this has nothing to do with beauty, but it sort of rolls along with it.)

    • Nurse
    • Waitress
    • Fashion designer
    • Model
    • Movie star/singer/other type of celebrity
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    Where do you want to live? (Still has nothing to do with beauty, I know, but still rolls along with it.)On a farm in the country

    • On a farm in the country
    • In a small house on the beach
    • In a big house in Florida
    • In an apartment in New York
    • In a mansion in California/Hollywood
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    How popular do you think you’ll be? (An essential to beauty.)

    • MEGA-popular with a million friends
    • Super-popular with more than enough friends
    • Normal level of popular with 10 or more friends
    • Kinda popular with seven or fewer friends
    • Not popular at all with a couple to no friends
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    How nice do you think you’ll be? (You seem more beautiful to people when you’re nice.)

    • Super-nice and always have great things to say about everyone
    • Really nice, always making people feel good about themselves
    • Nice enough to have friends
    • Kinda nice – that is, enough that people will like me

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